How to be “Google Analytics Certified” in less than a week?

If you are a Digital Marketing Specialist or thinking about becoming one, then you should know that earning a Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) Certificate and having it on your CV will show potential employers that you possess the right skills to get the most out of Google Analytics Platform.

Google Analytics is a web analytics free service offered by Google that allows you to track and report your website traffic. It enables you to know everything about the website visitors including their age, gender, location, the browser and the device they are using, their behavior when entering your website, and so much more so mastering it can really advance your career.

But how to earn a GAIQ certificate?

Before you begin, if you don’t have an Academy for Ads account then go to Google Academy for Ads to be able to access the exam and get certified.

Then sign in with your Google Account or if you don’t have one then sign up to access the Google Individual Qualification (GAIQ) Exam. You will find it under “Get Certified in Other Areas” section as shown below.

How can I study for the GAIQ exam?

To prepare for the exam, Google offers Google Analytics Academy that provides you with free online courses to learn everything you need to know about Google Analytics. Click here to go to Google Analytics Academy.

Go to the Analytics Academy and sign in with your Google Account. You will find that Google offers two courses for learning Google Analytics which are Google Analytics for Beginners and Advanced Google Analytics Course.

Each course takes about one hour to be completed and after the completion of each course you will earn a certificate of completion to show it off on your CV. Note that this certificate of completion is not the GAIQ certificate we are talking about. After completing the two courses, you will have the required knowledge to enter the GAIQ exam and get certified.

The GAIQ exam consists of 70 MCQ questions, should be done in 90 minutes, and the passing score is 80%. If you didn’t pass the exam, you can retake it after 24 hours and there is no limited number of trials for retaking the exam. So the good news is that you can retake it as many times as you want until you pass and get certified and also the exam is free of charge. The certificate will expire after 18 months so you will need to retake the exam again after a year and a half.

How can I pass the GAIQ exam in less than a week?

First, you should go through the two courses mentioned above as they will provide you with the knowledge you will need to master Google Analytics.

But the really amazing step that will get you to pass the exam quickly, is to exercise the questions before taking the exam.

Google Analytics IQ Center: an Amazing Website to pass GAIQ quickly

The following website ( really includes most of the questions that came in the Google Analytics Exam for the year 2018 and with the answers provided and the cool thing is that it’s for free.

You will find all the questions with the answers under “GAIQ Exam Q&A” Section. Just practice these questions before entering the exam and you will get a high score easily.

Now you have all what you need to pass the exam in a very short time. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to comment below or message me directly. Good Luck!

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